UMD Recruits - Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson was born in June 1994 and grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota.  Adam stands at 5’10”, 155 pounds now and will continue to fill out his frame as time continues.  He will be returning for his senior season at Hibbing High School for the ’12-’13 season.


As a sophomore in the ’10-’11 season Adam scored 42 goals and had 43 assists for 35 points in 31 games for Hibbing High School…   Did I mention he was a sophomore?  He also committed to be a Bulldog his sophomore year as well as got drafted by the Indiana Ice 16th overall in the 2011 USHL Entry Draft.

In the ’11-’12 season Adam, now a junior, scored 28 goals and had 31 assists in 23 games tallying 59 points for the year.  Johnson will look to add to his total tally at Hibbing this season and head to UMD on a high note.  As a senior determined to bulk and fill his frame, look for him to make a big impact this year on the ice and help Hibbing find the big tourney.

(Photo: Tim Kolehmainen)

Adam’s dad, Davey Johnson, was a Bulldog as well as his uncle Gary Degrio.  Davey recorded 81 points in 115 games at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Also, as some may already know, head coach Scott Sandelin was born and raised in Hibbing and we can assume has some pretty good connections there right?

I really do appreciate Sandy keeping the local kids home.  Adam will compliment the team just fine and Bulldog Country really looks forward to next year when he is suppose to join.  If he bulks up and fills his frame look for him to really stand out and be able to play at the next level.