Friday Recap - Wisconsin

Welp, that sucked.

We suck.

What the heck.

The puppies took the giant L last night against the Wisconsin Badgers in what ended up being a terrible, terrible hockey game.  To put this into perception for ya'll, imagine a local peewee hockey team playing against the Wild.   Okay, so it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good.

(Photo: Dave Harwig -

The pups came out flying and it looked like it was going to be a fantastic game, but they soon died off and seemed to coast for the rest of the game.  Literally, it looked as though UMD just didn't want to skate, be aggresive, or even try.  They were looking for easy opportunities until the last 4 or 5 minutes.

To make matters worse, The dogs had a 5 minute power play because Bucky freshman Morgan Zulinick had a brutal checking from behind, which we failed to convert on.  Story of the game for the dogs, it was ugly.

(Photo: Dave Harwig -

With all the negativity out of the way, there was couple things I did like.  Matt McNeely played very well.  He made a couple of awesome saves for the most part of the game, he was a human wall in there.    Drew Olsen is fast, I definitely noticed that.  The Badger coaches "kissed" on the kissing cam (Not really but they acted like they were, which was a first and absolutely hilarious).  Oh and Austin Farley flipped some badger over his back.  It was awesome, and I did in fact cheer.

Anyway, John Ramage, UW "Captain", has it coming tonight for being an absolute idiot in the closing seconds of the game.  

And, we look forward to tonight.  Expect changes.  UMD, get mad.