Friday Recap - Notre Dame

Well, so much for non-conference sweep i guess...

It was a rough night for the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs as they fell 4 to 1 to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Friday night, just after they beat the Irish 3 to 1 the night before.

My9 had a very good stream up of the game and was actual nice to watch, although the "louder" and "noise meter" signs in between plays got old, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.

The first period was rough.  To give you an idea, the puppies were outshot 21 to 8.  Defense didn't come out playing tough and honestly the turnovers in our own zone destroyed us, and once we got down, ND kept beating us back down...  Casto gave up a turnover in UMD territory which went right back behind Crandall, who played a pretty decent game, just didn't have any help.

When the puck dropped in the second period, the dogs were already down 2 to 0.  This period went much smoother than the last, though.  Puppies finally got a little bit of offense going and outshot the Irish 17 to 11.  Tony Cameranesi, who I thought played pretty good game, found a way to slip one past Summerhays to finally get the Pups on the board 3 to 1.

The third period was another blah period.  Lots of penalties and physical play due to frustrations.  ND scored, which ended up being the dagger, giving them the W at the end 4 to 1.

There was a couple things in this game I couldn't quite wrap my head around.  First off, why did Austin Farley healthy-scratch?  The kid was leading WCHA freshman in points, and not that Austyn Young played bad, because he did pretty well, I just don't understand why he was scratched.  Another issue was goaltending.  Crandall played well, don't get me wrong, and a couple goals he gave up were not exactly his fault, but McNeely played stellar the night before and Fons is still waiting on his chance, so the logic wasn't exactly there in my opinion, but what do I know, right?

Anyway, sucks to suck, we lost, and thats okay.  Puppies host Bucky the Badger next weekend, going to be a fun series!!