The Last 3 Years...

The last few years have kept Bulldog fans very VERY happy.  Winning records along with WCHA and National Championship banners compliment any hockey team, plus outfit Amsoil perfectly.

As a Bulldog fan we keep hearing the phrase "reloading, not rebuilding" and I decided to get some statistical information to back this phrase up for our University of Minnesota Duluth hockey team.  So let's take a look at our past 3 years compared directly against other top WCHA performers...

The University of North Dakota

(Year):  (WCHA)   (NCAA)

'09-'10:  15-10-3     25-13-5       (WCHA Tourney Champs)
'10-'11:  21-6-1       32-9-3         (WCHA Tourney, Regular Season Champs)
'11-'12:  16-11-1     26-13-3       (WCHA Tourney Champs)

Overall, UND is 52-27-5 in the WCHA posting a 61.9 winning percent against conference opponents as well as 83-35-11 in the NCAA with a 64.3 win percentage.

The University of Denver

'09-'10:  19-5-4     27-10-4         (Regular Season Champs)
'10-'11:  17-8-3     25-12-5
'11-'12:  16-8-4     26-13-3

DU is 52-21-11 with a 61.9 win percentage in the WCHA and in the NCAA they are 77-36-13 recording a 61.1 win percentage.

The University of Minnesota

'09-'10:  12-14-2     18-19-2
'10-'11:  13-10-5     16-14-6
'11-'12:  20-8-0       28-14-1        (Regular Season Champs)

The Gophs are 35-32-7 winning 47.3% of their WCHA games and are 62-47-9 in the NCAA posting a 52.5 win percentage.

The University of Minnesota Duluth

'09-'10:  16-11-1     22-17-1
'10-'11:  15-8-1       26-10-6        (National Champions)
'11-'12:  16-7-5       25-10-6

In the WCHA, the Bulldogs are 47-26-7 in the last 3 years recording a 58.8 win percentage and 73-37-13 in the NCAA, winning 59.3% of those games.

You can see by the statistics that UMD has been in a WCHA top performer for the past few years now.  Again I'll mention that the Dogs did win the WCHA Tourney in the '08-'09 season that is not included. So I hope this information can more or less persuade you into believing that UMD is not in rebuilding stages after losing top stars, but more reloading the cannon.