Reasoning with USCHO's placement of UMD

I’ve seen the argument a couple times today where USCHO’s ranking of UMD was not accurate, meaning they should be placed more towards the top.  Those of you who have not seen this ranking can scroll down or just believe me when I say we're polled in at the 12 spot.  Reasoning behind this being the Dogs lost to many skilled players to either graduation or the NHL.  To be honest, I believe we were gifted with a great placement in the meaningless preseason poll, I guess it at least shows that Minnesota Duluth is starting to make a name for itself on a consistent basis.

Let me inform y’all with some stats quickly.  Last year, the Dogs returned only 51% goals and 52% of overall points from their national championship team.  It was no secret that the loss of Mike Connolly, Justin Fontaine and Justin Faulk would hurt the Dogs.  This year the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs return 46% of goals and only 37% of overall points.  Again, no secret we have gaps to fill right?  It’s pretty obvious.  But, when we were hurting last year, players stepped up to fill gaps and beating all odds, the Dogs found themselves playing in the NCAA tournament.

Remember this, obviously experience counts at a level of hockey this superior, but elite teams do not rebuild, they reload.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the incoming freshman class the Bulldogs have will astonish you as well as existing players stepping up.