Saturday Recap - Wisconsin

Well, 1 point isn't what I had originally planned, but I'll take it over 0 anyday, especially after the way we played.

The UMD Bulldogs came out skating tonight and it looked like a transformation from last night.  Freshman looked good and there was a lot more chemistry between lines.  As expected, Sandy made some line changes that seemed to help...  That or we just wanted to win more, but hey whatever works.

(Photo: Dave Harwig -
This picture is awesome.

The first period was a fun one to watch.  McNeely got the start for the dogs, as I thought he deserved it after a pretty good game last night.  Both teams came out fighting, and tUMD showed the aggressiveness we all knew that had.  The pups peppered 12 shots on Wisco goalie Joel Rumpel and Tony Cameranesi found the back of the net with help from Andy Welinski and Mike Seidel.

Second Period fires up and its 1 to 0 Pups.  I always enjoy the 2nd period because we can watch our own goalie, in tonight's case McNeely, make some nice saves.  Anywho, dogs came out ready to play for a second period in a row which was fun to see.  Keegan Flaherty was able to bury an assisted goal during the second which put UMD up 2.  With the buzzer sounding the end of the second, shots were 26 to 10 in favor of the pups and things were looking very, very good.

I'm not exactly sure what happened in the locker room between periods or if the gatorade was exchanged for milk or whatever, but the team that skated off the ice 15 minutes early did not come back to play.  There was very little offensive play for the dogs.  With the way the pups skated, it looked like the score should have been 12 to 0.  Complete defensive mode, just more lazy.  Casto made a defensive mistake that lead to Bucky goal and another goal from just a bad net scruff.  They seemed to turn it around at the end, and in overtime it looked as though we were actually going to find the back of the net, but just didn't.  UW was able to leave the north shore with 3 of our points while the Dogs only managed to get 1.

(Photo: Dave Harwig -

Unfortunate?  Yes.  It sucks, but we're a young team and we'll get there.  The pups played 2/3 of the hockey game last night which is one hell of an upgrade from Friday night.  I thought McNeely had a good weekend and made some very good saves.  Cameranesi is starting to look a lot more comfortable skating and so is Welinski.  I like Herbert's effort he puts into some plays and most of the time, catches the other team off guard.  Seidel is stepping up nicely into the leadership shoes and so is Hendo, who I think had a good game.  Oh and Herbert had one hell of a hit knocking the Badger right into his own bench.  It was awesome.  Casto is going through a little rough patch, I remember him being more solid last year and hopefully he comes back strong after the bye week.

Dogs have next weekend off.  What are we going to do, right?  But start up on the 10th and 11th of November in Nebraska Omaha to fight Blais and the boys.  Should be a fun series and i'm looking forward to it already.

Welp, thats a wrap for the series recap.  Have a good week folks.