The Best of Kevin Gorg (so far)...

Kevin Gorg, an FSN analyst, was the winning goaltender on the 1985 State Championship team for Burnsville and played in goal for the Des Moines Buccaneers before enrolling at the University of St. Thomas where he was All-Conference his final two seasons and won three conference titles.  He's had over 5 years of coaching experience at Burnsville and St. Thomas.

Below is a list of statements featured on KFAN's Dan "Common Man" Cole's page that Gorg has been quoted to say.  Enjoy.


Kevin Gorg: "Up in places like Warroad and Roseau, they play hockey year-round"

Kevin Gorg: previewing Blackhawks/Wild Playoff Game 1, PA asked 'What if he get a 2-0 lead in this game tonight?' Gorg responded, "I almost think you're better off if this game stays scoreless for a long time."

Kevin Gorg: "You're almost better off with a guy like Ponder because you've got Adrian Peterson"


Kevin Gorg: during Gophers/UND broadcast, "you know, sometimes it can be good for your team to
go on the penalty kill"

Kevin Gorg: said 'Joey Miller is looking like Wayne Gretzky setting up in his office"

Kevin Gorg: when talking about the movie Moneyball, he said "You remember where you were
when the Twins beat Oakland"

Kevin Gorg: when talking about Gopher football team winning a National Championship, he said
"People think it can't happen, Why...I don't know?"

Kevin Gorg: on horses after Kentucky Derby, "They all lose 100's of pounds when they run the
Derby...they weigh over a ton"

Kevin Gorg: "I would rather watch a losing team outdoors than a pennant race in the dome"


Kevin Gorg: "The Minnesota Wild have plenty of top-end talent"

Kevin Gorg: referring to High School Hockey Sectional Playoffs, "Braemar Ice Garden this
time of year is like Mecca"

Kevin Gorg: Compared the rivalry of St. Thomas and Gustavus Adolphus Women's hockey
teams to the Michigan/Ohio St. Football rivalry

Kevin Gorg: "Horses are athletes and so are the men and woman that risk their lives to hop
aboard and ride those horses, I know the jockeys at Canterbury Park and you want to talk about
strong, we just had a gymnast in here, they are equally strong, these people are unbelievable".

Kevin Gorg: after naming Andrew Brunette his #2 athlete in Minnesota history, "His goal to
beat Colorado in Game 7 changed our lives forever"

Kevin Gorg: "Jared Allen's mullet intimidates the opposing player, especially if they are a
rookie, because they may think you're crazy"

Kevin Gorg: said an on-court battle between Lynx forward Rebekkah Brunson and Kevin
Love 'would be a good battle'

Kevin Gorg: said people should play hooky to watch the Lynx at noon

Kevin Gorg: stated that Michael Jenkins is a huge addition. To support that position, he
went with Jenkins underperformed in Atlanta because Atlanta had TOO many good offensive
skill players and Jenkins was under-used

Kevin Gorg: "The Vikings are easily a 10-6 team on paper"

Kevin Gorg: "Phil Loadholt is a young developing stud"


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