Minnesota Gophers annihilate Boston College Eagles

Everyone knows I dislike the Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey team, as most Bulldog Hockey fans do, so if you don't want to read about them just keep scrolling.

I decided to buy my younger brother, a gopher, and father, a gopher alumni, tickets to attend the game between Minnesota and Boston College as part of the Mariucci Classic with me as my Christmas present to them.  Nobody went in with the expectation that the Gophers would destroy the Eagles, hell I didn't even think they'd win.  But they did, by a very large margin.

I don't think Boston College played awful.  I think they played pretty well until the panic started to set in.  Special teams helped the Gophers add to the score which eventually helped them keep the momentum slanted towards them for the majority of the game.  I'll give ya a little breakdown of how the game went now.

Nick Bjugstad

The first period was awesome.  It was two great hockey teams playing I mean what could be better right?  I thought Boston College out-hustled Minnesota for the most part of the first period, but the Gophers out-played them, if that makes sense.  The first two goals the gophers tallied were power play goals, followed by an even strength goal which basically ended the period.  But one thing Boston College did to end the period which was the worst thing they could have done was take another penalty.  Any momentum they wished to sway in their favor would be burdened by starting the period a man short.

The second period was, by far, Minnesota's worst period of play.  Which is funny because they still scored and kept Boston College scoreless by the end of the period.  Adam Wilcox was a human-wall in net, literally.  Some of the best saves I have seen since Kenny Reiter in the Frozen Four.  That damm good.  And again, leave it to Jerry York's Eagles to shoot themselves once again at the end of the period with another five-minute major penalty that carried over into the third.

The third period was another period owned by the Gophers.  Minnesota buried an early goal off the power play Boston College gave them, with 2 more even strength goals following that before the Eagles got on the board.  Boston College added one lonely goal off a 5 on 3 power play which killed poor Wilcox's chances at a shut-out which in my opinion, he earned.  But the Gophers finished the game off basically flipping BC the bird as Sam Warning scored a short-handed goal to end the game 8 to 1.

Fun Facts?
  • Minnesota out-shot Boston College 36 to 33.
  • Boston College took 8 penalties for 27 minutes while Minnesota took 4 minors.
  • Minnesota went 4 for 8 on power plays, Boston College went 1 for 4.
  • Parker Milner was pulled after letting in the first six goals.
  • Both UMTC and BC have 2 TUC losses, but BC has 4 more wins than UMTC.
  • This game marks Minnesota's first game against a "top 10" team.
  • Boston College scoring leader Johnny Gaudreau is absent playing in the WJC.
  • Minnesota's Mike Reilly is also absent in the WJC.
  • Adam Wilcox is related to former UMD goalie Alex Stalock, which is why he's good!
I can see where the loss of Johnny Gaudreau affects the team with one or two goals.  Not only from him scoring but also connecting with other teammates as well, but they cannot rely that much on one single player.  Other lines must contribute as well, right?  The argument from Gopher fans about missing Reilly is terrible; comparing Gaudreau to Reilly is like comparing the taste of chicken to cabbage.  Reilly's absence is felt, just not as much Gaudreau's for BC, is what I'm trying to get at.

Anyway, for gopher fans this is a breathe of fresh air.  Finally getting the production out of the team which we all knew was capable of putting up these kind of numbers.  It was only a matter of time, right?  The biggest question the rodents had in going into the season was the only consistent aspect they've had all season; Adam Wilcox.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  Puck drops in 4 hours for the WJC game!  USA vs Slovakia.  Win and we're in the winners bracket, lose and we suck.

And, as always...