Weekend Recap - Nebraska Omaha

Not quite sure I want to re-live what happened this weekend.  It was awful.  The Bulldogs, or better yet, the Puppies, struggled.  My whole hope for this year was for the Dogs to be able to use the talent they had without being caught up in typical freshman-like errors, which this weekend, did not happen.

highlights can be found HERE


Saturday night wasn't ungodly awful, but it wasn't by any means good.  The UMD Bulldogs opened the game giving up a goal within the first 30 seconds.  That right there can give you a pretty good idea at how the rest of the game was played.  It was ugly to listen to.  UMD proved the whole "penalty box" label with 2 majors (DQ and misconduct).  They finished off the game with 8 penalties and 38 total penalty minutes which is highly unacceptable.  Mike Seidel and Tony Cameranesi were able to score in the first period, which finished in a 2-2 tie, but it was all coasting and a simple lack of luck for UMD for the rest of the game.  The dogs led in shots with 32 to UNO's 25 but lost the game 3 to 2.

Sunday afternoon I figured would be better, and it seemed to start out that way.  UMD took its first lead of the series with thanks to Mike Seidel making it 1 to 0 just 4 minutes into the game.  The lead fell before the period could expire but Joe Basaraba was able to bury one just before the end of the first period sounded.  The second period belonged to the Mavs, scoring 2 more goals, making the score 4 to 2.  The third period started with a nice goal from Austin Farley which game me a little hope of a comeback, but UNO was able to put 2 more by UMD goalie Matt McNeely to make the final score 6 to 3.  UMD was able to reduce its penalties to 4 and did outshoot the mavericks34-28, but it wasn't enough.

Team chemistry will come in time as well as the needed discipline to stay out of the box.  As for now, UMD will have a short week of practice before heading to Grand Forks to play an even more difficult series between North Dakota.  We can all pray something clicks this week at practice!

Scoring from this weekend:
Tony Cameranesi - 1-3-4
Wade Bergman - 0-3-3
Mike Seidel - 2-0-2
Austin Farley - 1-1-2
Joe Basaraba - 1-0-1
Justin Crandall - 0-1-1
Andy Welinski - 0-1-1

Matt McNeely - 0-2-0, 9 goals on 66 shots.

The University of Minnesota Duluth's longest winless streak since the '08-'09 season :(