Gameday...?? Kinda?

No unfortunately the Pups don't play today, but there are other interesting series going to be played this weekend!  So, instead of studying for that accounting test I have to take at 2, lets review each series for this weekend and maybe throw in a pick or two!

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(Even if Wisco is shown as the dominate team...  PSH!)

Nebraska Omaha at Michigan Tech

Being it's at home, Im going to give Tech the nod for a nice sweep this weekend.  UNO just hasn't been consistant in the few games they have played, which is okay!  The season is still very young.  But, MTU is very good at home, actually this year they've only lost once at home and are outscoring opponents 21-12.  Especially after being swept by Denver, Tech will come back strong.

Colorado College at Wisconsin

Ohh now this is going to be a fun one.  Wisconsin had a very nice 3 point weekend against tUMD Bullpuppies and played pretty decent.  CC is coming off a bad weekend at Cornell and going to be hungry for some wins.  Even after Bucky swept us here in Duluth, I'm still not convinced.  Split.

Minnesota State and Minnesota

Home and home series are always fun.  Friday the Gophs play at home and Saturday the Mavs get to play at home.  Although on paper Mankato sucks, but lets be real...   This is the WCHA, teams compete with each other no matter how good, bad or what they're nationally ranked.  This is going to be a fun series between 2 aggressive teams.  If Minnesota can eliminate defensive turnovers they've got a sweep, if not?  Mankato State gets the win on Saturday.  So thats my call.  Gophs get the W on Friday and Saturday is up for grabs.

St. Cloud State at Denver

After last weekend, we should have two games this weekend in Denver that are tied at 5's.  Both teams scored a total of 10 goals last weekend, but they both played at home.  Denver gets to say in CO this weekend as they host SCSU in what should be a fabulous series.  We know both teams can score, so which defense is going to break down first?  We'll find out.  Split.

Boston University at North Dakota

If I could afford to drive out to Forks for the weekend I would.  Talk about the hockey match-up of a the month, right?  Props to North Dakota for scheduling a tough opponent as non-conference game, and also to BU for the same.  This game is going to be rough, aggressive and yes, dirty.  If you can get the game on TV or something, watch it.  I'm not even going to publicly pick a team to win or split.  Holy wowsers get your College Hockey hat on and stay tuned.  Puck drops in a couple hours.

Dogs were not let out.  Beavers stayed in the dam and everyone found out Seawolves don't exist.

Your tUMD Bullpups, BSU Beavers and UAA Seawolves all get the weekend off.  So feel free to get any fall chores done outside or catch up on some work because it looks like the NHL just isn't going to make this year, so weekend belong to College Hockey.  Have a good weekend and enjoy the games we can watch!  WCHA recap coming sunday!

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