Saturday Recap - St. Cloud State

The St. Cloud State Huskies buried the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs 5-1 last night at Amsoil Arena in Duluth.

Yuck.  What an awful game.  I chose the wrong game to come to this weekend it looks like.

So Friday night must have been a tease of something.  Saturday night was simply ugly.  The Huskies came out skating hard and the puppies just couldn't keep up.  It was depressing to watch.  This was also one of the more quieter games i've ever been to, but I guess the missing student section contributes to that.

(Photo: Dave Harwig

First period...  yuck.  I would say the majority of the first period was played in our zone.  I can't imagine how Aaron Crandall, who got the start after a successful night last night, felt when the Pups couldn't break out in what seemed to be a 10-minute stretch.  Poor kid, I would have had an anxiety attack with that much adrenaline flowing.  Hanowski started the goal scoring for the night on a Krause-induced power play, followed by a Dowd even strength goal to put the Huskies ahead 2-0 by the end of the first.

Second period wasn't terribly better either.  This wasn't the same team we saw last weekend in Grand Forks, and I wish i could have watched the game on Friday night to compare, but no.  Freshman Husky Kalle Kossila put the Huskies up 3-nill on a power play thank to Derik Johnson and his non-acceptable use of his body when the puck wasn't near, I guess.  Then Nic Dowd scored his second of the night shortly after putting the ole SCSU Huskies up 4-0 off an absolutely TERRIBLE goal.  Let me explain. someone flipped the pick way up, Dowd reached up with his stick and tried to get it, weaving through our defense finally pulling it down in front of Crandall and slid it 5-hole.  How this goal wasn't a high sticking is beyond anything i'll ever be able to comprehend.  Whatever I guess.  Mike Seidel was able to get his 8th of the year getting the Puppies on the board 4-1.

Third Period.  I mean we looked a little better, but not much.  Cory Thorson of SCSU put the Huskies up 5-1 which ended up being the last goal.  Also, it wouldn't be a Bulldog hockey game unless there was a little fighting right?  I watched Welinski pile drive some poor Husky into the ice, so I already like this kid.  Basaraba and Flaherty both sat in the box at some point in the period which ended up being UMD's only punishment this period, surprising, right?

(Photo: Dave Harwig

Whatever traction the Pups found on Friday, they lost the following day.  UMD's all-senior line ended up playing the worst finishing at a -2 for the night.  This line has been struggling all year with a combined -15 and 3 total points.  Obviously this line has some strengths, but the weak points glared last night.  I thought A Crandall play pretty decent actually, the goals he did give up involved leaving Huskies unattended in front of the net, Dogs in the box or missed high-stickings.  So not all the kid's fault.

Scoring for the Night:
Mike Seidel:  1-0-1
Austin Farley  0-1-1
Andy Welinski  0-1-1

Nic Dowd:  2-1-3
Ben Hanowski:  1-2-3
Kalle Kossila:  1-0-1
Cory Thorson:  1-0-1
Andrew Prochno:  0-1-1
Jarrod Rabey:  0-1-1
Drew LeBlanc:  0-1-1
Nick Jensen:  0-1-1
Taylor Johnson:  0-1-1
Joey Holka:  0-1-1

A. Crandall  12/17

Faragher:  31/32