Friday Recap - North Dakota

The University of Minnesota Duluth and North Dakota skate to a 4-4 OT tie.

I'm pretty sure every bulldog/ND blogger used the term "skate" to a tie too.  Interesting, is it not?


A tie in the books but a moral victory for the Bulldogs who played the best game i've seen them play all year.  They seemed like a much different team in comparison to previous weeks.  The hunger was there, the teamwork was there, and the mistakes were minimal, although still there.  I thought Crandall, who was in net, played pretty dang well, especially in comparison to how he started the year.  Also, hats off to Clarke Saunders, UND's goalie, who played well too.

(photo: Peter Bottini

The period was awesome right out of the gate.  Seidel put the dogs on the board with a UND defensive mistake, beating Saunders high glove side only 4 minutes in.  The pups kept the pressure on too with Danberg and Hendo almost finding the net,  Defense looked to be playing solid too until a bad breakout lead to MacWilliam taking a shot from the point to put it past Crandall to tie the game at 1.

Period number two started with the same intensity, which again, is awesome, but didn't work to well in tUMD's favor to well.  Corban Knight was able to drive to the net where the puck bounced around for at least 5 seconds before the puck squeeked out to Kristo to put it past Crandall.  Herbert had 3 pretty decent shots and that whole line played well this period.  But, a fabulous looking tic-tac-toe ending with a Farley goal tied the game back up at 2's.  Then, to make things even better, tUMD picked up the puck, Farley skated in but the center pass flew into the corner, then Farley gets another shot and with Farley and Cameranesi digging, the puck skids under Saunders legs to put the Dogs up 3-2.  But UND came back pretty quickly on a Drew Olson defensive error that tied the game back at 3's.

Third period fired up agian with intensitiy.  Dogs had a couple of great chances but Clarke Saunders came up big.  Crandall played steller over a UMD penalty kill which ended with Basaraba getting a quality wrister.  The Tardy-Krause-? line definitely had their fair share of scoring chances and in my opinion deserved a goal.  They didn't look like a 4th line which goes to show the depth this young UMD squad has.  UND eventually put one past Crandall on a nice goal by Grimaldi who showed up untouched in front of the net.  Then, with just under 6-minutes remaining Derik Johnson finds Drew Olson WIDE OPEN at the top of the slot who was able to skate in and blow a heavy snapper by Saunders to tie the game at 4's.  The rest of the 3rd had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.  Both UND and UMD had some dangerously close chances before the final buzzer sounded.

Overtime could have ended in anyones favor.  UMD had a couple of quality chances as well as UND.  But Saunders and Crandall both played exceptionally well and it ended in a 4-4 tie.

Hakstol said it best in his pre-game jazz; this UMD team is a hell of a lot better than they look to be.  I believe this tonight proves it.  This team is young and is finally starting to find that chemisty-groove they have needed.

Scoring for the night:
Austin Farley 2-0-2
Drew Olson 1-0-1
Mike Seidel 1-0-1
Tony Cameranesi 0-1-1
Andy Welinski 0-1-1
Joe Basaraba 0-1-1

Danny Kristo 2-0-2
Drake Caggiula 0-2-2
Rocco Grimaldi 1-0-1
Andrew MacWilliam 1-0-1
Colten St. Clair 0-1-1
Corban Knight 0-1-1
Nick Mattson 0-1-1
Carter Rowney -0-1-1

A. Crandall 25/29

Saunders 38/42

I love UND for doing these videos at the end of the games, so if you would like to watch the long recap of the game, click below.  It's awesome and I hope and wish tUMD can put this together one day.