WCHA Power Rankings - 4 Weeks Down

Now, 4 weeks down in the WCHA, where does each team stand?  How do they compare to the preseason polls?  And by the way, 6 teams ranked on the national level in the WCHA isn't to shabby aye?


1) (3)Denver   3-1-0 (5-1-0)

Denver had a little bit of a bump last weekend as they lost to St. Cloud at home, but came back to beat them 6 to 1.  They lead the league in both scoring offense and defense and have one hell of a power play.  This week they're at Mankato State.

2) (6)North Dakota   2-1-0 (3-2-1)

North Dakota has been playing pretty well, despite some early season bumps.  They split with a ver good Boston University team at home last weekend, putting 6 total goals in the back of the net throughout the weekend.  This week they play at SCSU, which will be a very good test for this team.

3) (15)St. Cloud State   3-1-0 (5-3-0)

Since SCSU's losses to New Hampshire at the beginning of the year, they have out-scored their opponents 26 to 11.  But at home, they're outscoring foe 22 to 6.  Its hard to look past this team.  They play North Dakota this coming weekend, at home, so there is a definite possibility the Huskies may find a way to run up the scoreboard and continue the home win streak.

4) (2)Minnesota   2-2-0 (5-2-0)

I can't say I'm to impressed with the way the Gophers have been playing, but they have to much talent to place them any lower then this, right now anyway.  The Gophs suffered a loss to the Mankato State Mavericks last weekend which made some fans panic.  Lucia and the gang head up to Alaska Anchorage this weekend to play the Seawolves, whatever that is, hoping for an away sweep.

5) (19)Colorado College   2-0-0 (5-3-0)

This is one tricky team to rank.  They went hard at the beginning of the season winning the first 4 games, only to lose the next 3.  They just were able to sweep Wisconsin in Madison last weekend which may end up meaning they fixed the 3 loss "glitch".  CC heads to Bemidji State this weekend.

6) (20)Minnesota Duluth   0-1-1 (2-3-1)

The Puppies are coming off a restful bye week, but previously were outplayed by the Badgers at home, only managing 1 point from the series.  Be mindful that this team is very young and will make the mistakes you see young teams make, but the talent they have makes me want to place them where they are.  Once lines start to click, watch for the UMD Bulldogs to start climbing.  Dogs are away at Omaha this weekend.

7) Nebraska Omaha   2-1-1 (4-3-1)

UNO has had its fair share of wins and losses this year to teams all over the boards, talent wise.  After managing only 1 point from Bemidji State at home 2 weekends ago, UNO went to Michigan Tech and swept the Huskies.  So, it's hard to say where the Mavs are exactly.  They host UMD this weekend in what should be a fun match-up.

8) Bemidji State   1-0-1 (2-1-1)

Bemidji State is my "surprise" team this year.  I'm hoping they end up getting home ice and can shock the rest of the conference in it's last year (as it stands now).  The Beavers are playing pretty well, only losing one game so far this year.  Much credit should be given to goalie Andrew Walsh, who leads the WCHA with a 1.44 GAA and a .955 save percentage, so he's a stud to say the least.  Bemidji had a bye week last week but took 3 points from UNO at Omaha the week before.  This week they're at CC.

9) Michigan Tech   1-5-0 (2-6-0)

Michigan Tech has been performing under expectation for many people who follow college hockey.  After beating Minnesota 5 to 3 at home, Tech has been unable to find a win, losing 5 straight games and letting opponents score 20 times.  This weekend Tech gets a break before traveling to Bemidji State.

10) Wisconsin   1-2-1 (1-4-1)

If you haven't heard yet, Mark Zengerle, Wisconsin's leading scorer from last year and debatably one of the top offensive players in the league broke a finger and will be out for 4 to 6 weeks.  That is why Wisconsin is so low on my list.  Also, being swept at home by the Colorado College Tigers doesn't help them out either.  Sorry Badger fans, but until Mark and Nik are back in the lineup, this team could potentially have some problems.

11) Alaska Anchorage   0-1-1 (2-2-2)

I suppose ranking UAA isn't any easier than most other WCHA teams.  To sum up UAA, they have tied with North Dakota, beat Merrimack, but then lost to North Dakota as well.  Looking at they're record it looks like they're a pretty decent team, but i'm not convinced yet.  The seawolves take on the Minnesota Gophers at home this weekend.

12) Mankato State   1-3-0 (3-3-2)

After watching this team play last weekend I am having trouble believing in them.  MSU did just beat the Gophers, I'll give them that, but the Gophs are strugging right now, only an ignorant fan will argue that.  Mankato also we demolished by SCSU and even tied Alabama Huntsville.  They had a lot of bad passes in the game I was able to watch and struggled breaking out.  I'm hoping for the best for this team but they travel to Denver this weekend, and those games will not be easy.

As always, if you disagree, tell me!  I want to here what you have to say :)