Hill Sprints - Working Through Cawlidge Hawkey

As each weekend comes and goes, the number of people paying attention to the ever-important pairwise seems to only increase, I wonder why?

Here is where the Pairwise currently stands:

And unfortunately for the Dogs, we're not quite at the TUC line.  TUC, for those who don't know, means "Teams Under Consideration".  To be considered a TUC, your team must have an RPI of .5000 or above.  Now RPI takes into consideration the team's winning percentage(25%), the average of the team's opponents winning percentage (50%), and the average of the team's opponents opponents' win percentage (25%).  Here is the "TUC Line", and where the Dogs are currently sitting.

So sucks to suck right now.  At one point we were actually on the verge to becoming TUC eligable but after the last few sweeps that went down the drain pretty quickly.

Another way of judging teams for the big tourney is by using the KRACH system.  The KRACH, or Ken's Ratings for American College Hockey, is a mathematical equation written by Ken Butler in order to rank College Hockey teams.  The KRACH can be better explained here and is endorsed by College Hockey News over RPI because "the end result is self-evident by the results".

Again, not looking to good for the Pups.  But keep in mind that each conference in NCAA hockey has an end-of-the-year tournament in which the champion advances to the NCAA tournament.  So gauging the final 16 teams isn't always easy.


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