The Key Has Been FOUND.

The National Hockey Leagues is back  :D


Michael Russo wrote a great article in his RUSSO'S RANTS and I would like to highlight some of the things he said in his article.
"No details were officially given yet, but the next step is both sides have to ratify the, what I'm told is, 10-year collective bargaining agreement with a mutual opt-out after eight years. The upper limit for 2013-14 is $64.3 million. The floor remains at $44 million. Max contracts are seven years (eight to re-sign your own players). Two compliance buyouts for next season if a team wishes (doesn't count vs. cap; player share). $200 million revenue sharing. All 14 non-playoff teams will have a shot at the No. 1 pick. I believe there will be a free-agent courting period ala basketball (I've campaigned for this for years)."
"Olympics and realignment will be agreed upon at a later date between the two sides."
"Cap for this year will be prorated $70.2 million, so the Wild is fine. All terms of contracts for existing players remain the same."
"The original goal was to start training camp Jan. 12 and a 48-game, all-conference season Jan. 19 (Hockey Day Minnesota) if a collective bargaining agreement was reached by Jan. 11. But both sides were motivated to get a deal complete by the end of the weekend."
"If ratification goes by quickly, training camp could start sooner with perhaps a 50-game season starting by Jan. 15, a source said. That means training camp could start this week."
Talk about good news.  I also like how the day the first puck drops could be on Hockey Day in Minnesota.  How fitting!

The Minnesota Wild are also in a little bit more "ready" for the season due to Zach Parise's intense training sessions he's lead during the lockout.  Good news for the wild fans; the whole "We Get Em'" phrase is back at it again!