Saturday SWEEP

The University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs completed the first home sweep of the season defeated Michigan Tech 5-4.

The attendance at Amsoil Arena was 6,829 last night, which is the largest attendance in the history of UMD Hockey.  With the students still on break!

I hope the Dogs are gonna keep these brooms handy for the remainder of the season, because it's hockey like they displayed this weekend that will help this team earn home ice and maybe, just maybe a buy into the NCAA tournament.

Photo: Dave Harwig

I'm not going to get into complete details of the game, but just highlight a couple things that worked, didn't work, and the grey in between.

First off, Joe Basaraba scored tUMD's only goal on Friday and found the back of the net on Saturday as well, scoring the Pup's first goal.  Maybe this is the jump start that he needed?  Joe has been, well, underperforming point wise, respectively, and I know many Bulldog fans who awaited his arrival onto the team would agree.  But I thought Joe played well this weekend and hope the Panther's prospect can keep up the good work.

Cameranesi, Farley, and the rest of the Bulldog freshman continue to play extraordinary.  Tony Cameranesi is performing just as well as anyone could have asked him.  Matt McNeely is really growing in net and starting to look more and more like he's earned the starting job.  Austin Farley has shown a great hustle and ability to score, especially when added to the Seidel-Cameranesi line.  And lastly, Charlie Sampair continues to look better after every shot he takes.  The true freshman was skating for Hill-Murray last year and is know skating with kids 4 years older than himself, now that is very impressive.

Our defense is getting much better.  Andy Welinski adds a lot to the team, especially being a freshman. I really like Drew Olson's ability to skate with the puck as well.  The kid is much faster than what people actually think.

There were a couple iffy calls last night, though.  Justin Crandall was hit hard, directly from behind and flew 3 feet into the boards.  Derik Johnson, ended up getting written up as well for standing up for the poor kid which believe it or not, negated the penalty as they both got 2-minute minors.  Derik's penalty, although not necissary, is understandable.  He was sticking up for a teammate and I would rather have that than be pushed around.  But the hit on Crandall should have been a major.  I'll post the video on my twitter if I find it.

Photo: Dave Harwig

Scoring for the Night:
Cameranesi:  2-1-3
Seidel:  0-3-3
Smith:  0-2-2
Bergman:  1-0-1
Farley:  1-0-1
Basaraba:  1-0-1
Sampair:  0-1-1
Johnson:  0-1-1

McNeely:  28/32  (87.5%)