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But before I can ask the questions, I need to explain what is exactly going on.

Awhile ago I wrote an article titled, The Attendance Issue, which discussed a couple of my opinions regarding the lack of attendance from both students and fans.  Well, after a couple of meetings things began to snowball and before I knew it, we had a group formed in hopes of bettering the atmosphere at Amsoil and show that we truly are the best fans in the country.

After meetings with Lendley Black (UMD's Chancellor), Lisa Erwin, (Vice Chancellor of Student Life), UMD Athletics, and the UMD Student Association, the ball began to roll, and kept picking up speed as time went on.

In the end, Jace Romano, Erik Doeden, Mike Becker and myself created a group for students that is much like Michigan Tech's group "Mitch's Misfits".

Our Mission Statement:

“The Bulldog Hockey Club” aims to enhance the college hockey atmosphere surrounding Bulldog hockey games by providing a sense of structure and foundation for students while carrying on traditions by utilizing the ideas of the student body and implementing them into the roots of the infrastructure.
But why do we need this?

Our group will act as the "middle man" between the student section and the administration.  It allows the administration to contact a single unit instead of the student population when problems arise or news erupts.  It also allows student opinions' to be heard by sharing them with the group and having them implemented much easier.

Student benefits do not stop there, though.

As our hockey team enters a new conference, we would like to make sure that every team knows who we are.  Our goal is to provide two trips during the season, one close and one farther, which would include transportation, lodging, and the ticket fee all for a price (hopefully) cheaper than filling up your car.  Imagine being able to see college hockey arenas and different parts of the United States all while supporting our own Bulldogs.  Right now, we have narrowed our "close" locations to North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND) and St. Cloud State (St. Cloud, MN), while the longer trips would be to Western Michigan (Kalamazoo, MI) or Miami (Oxford, OH).

We've also been working with UMD Athletics to put together different event options that would allow student season ticket holders to get a chance to interact with the team.  Many ideas have been added to our lengthy list so far, like a preseason barbecue  autograph session, or having a select few members have a chance to play shinny-hockey at Amsoil with the Dogs.

Another goal we have is to change the way student season tickets are distributed.  Waiting in line caused a variety of problems for many upperclassmen who were not able to skip out on the more intense classes college kids take as they move through their programs.  Our goal is push the ticket sales online and then divided into groups based on credit load.  For example: 90+ credits Monday, 60+ credits on Tuesday, ect...  But instead of buying either a lower/upper bowl ticket, everyone would receive a generic student ticket, meaning if you would like to sit in the lower bowl, one would have to get there earlier.

But we have some obstacles left to maneuver before everything can be finalized with the university...  The group is in need of a name.  Can you help?

The amount of progress we've been able to make has been incredible.  We're very excited to show the NCHC just what UMD hockey is all about, which is why we would like to hear what you think.


If you have any ideas for the name of this new group we would love to hear it!  Also, if you have any ideas about anything else, please let me know!

This group is meant to be for us, the Bulldog hockey fans, so we would love to hear your input!

You can comment below or talk with others about the group in the Bulldog Country FORUM

Please feel free to email me with any other questions, comments or ideas you may have!

My email ->

UMD Athletics will be sending out a survey later this week on their social media pages to help us, so do not be shy!

Lisa Erwin is also publishing an article in the UMD Statesman soon, so if you'd like more information on the founding of the group, read away!

I know this post is broad so bare with me until our details on specifics are finalized.

We look forward to hearing everyone's input and especially for next season!  October cannot come fast enough.

Thanks... and always...




Anonymous said...

Less canned, more band.

OrangeChopperGuy said...

Great work guys! Love the ideas being thrown out there. I would be more than happy to help in anyway possible

Anonymous said...

Great ideas and effort. As a longtime (old) fan, I've been disappointed in the student section since the move to Amsoil. The last year or two in the DECC, you guys were really getting things rocking. Good luck with your group!

Name ideas: Killer's Korner (is the Bulldog mascot still named Killer, or did that fall to the P.C. police?)

Or "Dick's Doggies" in honor of Dick Stewart. "Kennel Klub"?

Agree with comment above regarding band. Way too much canned music, not enough band.

(not a student issue, but the Amsoil camera person is terrible. no sense of timing. always shows crowd shots after a negative play - goal against, penalty against, etc. Show fans celebrating, not when down or sitting on their hands. Also, plays wrong songs at wrong times, etc.)

Online ticket sales for students is a good idea - would've loved that back in the day. We camped out overnight (starting afternoon day before) for 9am sales back in mid 80s.

Name a male and female student of the game (best spirit or costume?) Find a sponsor - give them each a gift cert (Grandma's, Old Chi, Green Mill, etc.) Or "upgrade" two students from upstairs to reserved seats in the midst of the lower bowl student section.

Just some thoughts... Go Dogs!

I love Maroon Loons as an idea.

Anonymous said...

Just a few name ideas
Dog Pound
UMD Seventh Man
Amsoil crazies
Maroon maniacs
The Kennel