Hockey's Greatest Song

Just days after the bombs went off during the Boston Marathon, the Boston Bruins took to the ice for the first time since before the incident.  The Bruins' professional singer, Rene Rancourt, sang the National Anthem, and to be honest, if this doesn't give you goosebumps than I'm not sure what will.

“I’m afraid I would have probably broken up a few times during the anthem. I’m not ashamed to admit that,” said Rancourt on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan program.  “I’m sure that the people didn’t even realize how much help I actually did need. It was wonderful. The sound was carrying me, lifting me up in the room. It was just something indescribable.”
It started out as a one voice and lead to the voices of everyone in  the arena.  Songs were played at stoppage points that went went with the mayhem that struck the town just days earlier.  This last video from ESPN does a great job at explaining what all happened in the arena.


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