In attempt to get my buddy Dan (@DanCaptainKirk) to make his own blog revolving around Big Ten sports, as he is a Wisconsin Badger, I'm going to post some of the "things" he's put together.

First off, Dan does weekly rankings called "#Dankings" in which he ranks the top NCAA basketball teams then directly compares them with the AP list.  I always trust the Dankings because science told me Dan is never wrong.

Here's this weeks:

Next on deck Captain Dan put together a list of the top Big Ten Basketball players in order to create the all-conference teams and awards.  This isn't your average award banquet with juiceboxes and graham crackers at the end either.  Mr. Dan loves his stats, much like me, so he spends a large amount of time on this jazz.

Here are his teams and awards for the Big Ten:

Pretty damn decent right?  Well to be honest I don't have much of a clue, I don't follow basketball until the brackets are released.  But Dan does, all year long.  So if you like NCAA basketball or UW sports, give this lad a follow, and tell him to start a damn blog.  DAMMIT!

Dan's Tweeter -> @DanCaptainKirk


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