Q & A With Incoming Bulldogs: Carson Soucy

As summer winds down and hockey season draws near, fans get more excited for the first puck of the season to drop.  This year, the Pups look to venture farther into post-season play and earn a spot in the NCAA tourney once again.

Building on last year's season to accomplish this year's goals will take a tremendous amount of hard work and a crop of very talented freshmen.  Bulldog Country got the opportunity to play a little "Q and A" with the incoming freshmen and will be sharing what the players had to say over the next few weeks.

The second Bulldog in our Q & A segment is a little bit farther away from home.  Carson Soucy, a Irma, Alberta native, was drafted in the 5th round (137th overall) by the Minnesota Wild this summer and will join the Dogs in hopes of tuning his talent and skill to a point where he can pull over the Minnesota Wild sweater.

Known as a physical defensman, Soucy is able to use his large frame to win battles along the boards and exhibit an intimidation factor to skaters who play less physical.

Bulldog fans, meet Carson Soucy, #4 freshman for the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs.

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

I try not to focus on pre-game rituals and just focus on the game.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Yes, Semi-Pro.

Favorite kind of music or favorite artist?

I like pretty much all kinds of music, and don't really have a favorite artist.

Favorite past time or hobbies outside of hockey?

I enjoy playing Fastball and Golf in the summer.

Favorite NHL team?

Pittsburgh Penguins.

Do you have any idea on what you would like to major in? If so, what is it? If not, any interest?

I am going to start off in business and see where that takes me.

Are you excited to join the Bulldogs next year?

Yes, very excited.

What attracted you to UMD? What did you like about Amsoil, Duluth, coaching staff, ect…?

They Have a great coaching staff, nice town, and a great rink.

What attracted you to play NCAA hockey over Major Junior?

The ability to get an education while playing hockey.

I heard you were injured during the year, what happened? Are you okay now?

I tore my MCL, and yes I fine now.

What’s it like to play with another Bulldog recruit, Sammy Spurrell?

Its awesome. He's a great player and a good guy off the ice.

Do you look forward to skating with him in a Bulldog sweater next year?

Yes, very much. It's nice to know I will already know someone, and will most likely be rooming with him (Spurrell).


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A man of few words. Great to see these interviews though! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

He's about as entertaining as Jeff Romfo.