New Look. New Conference, New Team.

New Look

My apologies as to drifting away from writing (says every blogger eventually) but I've been rather busy.

The old website I had originally created last spring wasn't doing it for me, so I found another skeleton and made it my own.  I hope you like it!  I'm always open to suggestions too, so feel free to hit me up.

New Conference.  New Team.

Before we dive right into picking apart every possible line situation and analyzing each team's strength from the league, I'd like to here what everyone else thinks may happen.

I'll give you a few reminders of what all went down last season to get you started, but keep in mind there was lineup changes very, very often.  This is what I found from late in the season last year...

Seidel - Herbert - Crandall
Farley - Cameranesi - Basaraba
Danberg - Hendo - Flaherty
DeLisle - Decowski - Krause

Olson - Welinski
Smith - Casto
Corrin - Bergman

McNeely - Crandall - Fons

Scratches: Johnson, Tardy, McManus, Young, Sampair

With that being the way it was, now we have to do the "out with the old, in with the new" dealio and see how we look.

Seidel, Danberg, Hendo, Flaherty, DeLisle, Olson, Casto, and Bergman have all departed.  This frees up 5 forwards and 3 defensive situations.  The dogs are bringing in 8 more recruits to fill some gaps, along with the players already rostered.

Alex Iafallo, Dom Toninato, Kyle Osterberg, and Sammy Spurrell will set a strong tone for the offensive unit coming in.  Being we lost 5 forwards, look for someone currently rostered to step up.

UMD's biggest weakness, undoubtedly will be our d-core.  Losing half of the normal night-to-night guys is going to cause a headache unless we have some eager rooks to fill the gaps.  Carson Soucy, Willie Raskob, Brendan Kotyk, and Dan Molenaar will be the freshmen coming in to repair.

So take all that information, add it up, and we have some interesting gaps to fill.

What's your line predictions?  Comment below!



Anonymous said...

I like:
Farley - Camo - Bas
Decowski - Herby - JCran
Iafallo - Toninato - Krause
Sampair - Tardy - Spurrell

Smith - Welinski
Soucy - Johnson
Corrin - Raskob

I think Farley, Camo, Bas, Herbie, and Jcran are all top 6 locks. I think Toninato and Iafallo have top 6 potential too but those two had good chem in Fargo so maybe keep them together to start. Mixing in Krause with them would give a solid two-way line. Cal showed some good offensive ability despite playing mostly 4th line minutes, he did get to play a little with Herbie and Jcran last year, I think he gets a chance to start there this year. Will be interesting to see Spurrell too, as he has some offensive flair and I think he could be given a look as a top 6 guys. Really like our depth up front especially down the middle.

On the backend, if Soucy can step in and contribute, which I think he can, that will make me feel more comfortable with our D-core. Will be interesting to see if Johnson can find his way out of the dog house this year. I think he has potential to be a solid contributor but has made some on and off ice mistakes in the past and with the depth of our D-core, it was easy to get shuned to the dog house. Hopefully Corrin has improved as well. They seem to like him but I didn't see much I liked until the end of the year when he finally showed some confidence. He made a big jump in his second year of Juniors with Fargo, hopefully he can do the same here.

Goaltending....Please someone step up.

Anonymous said...

My biggest issue is Crandall being a top-6 player. This bothered me most of last year as he was constantly put on one of the scoring lines and never produced. He's a good 3rd line player but not a highly skilled guy.
Similar to Crandall, the coaching staff also was playing Krause in a top-6 role a lot at the end of the year. He's a hard working, character guy but should be a 3rd or 4th line guy.

Here's how I would try it for the first couple weeks. Note--I think the Dogs need Tardy to really step up for them to have a chance to do well this year so I'm putting him in an important role, hoping for a Bordson type bounce back season.

Forward lines:
---Young and Osterberg as extras---