NCHC Summer News

Although this is by no means, "Breaking News", I thought I would inform those who haven't heard of the news that the NCHC has recently released.

The two bits of news released is the NCHC's partnership with Sport NGIN and the launch of the official website last week as well as the the sale of NCHC Championship tickets.

Although the NCHC has had their website up and running for some time now, the league officially launched the new design for the 2013-14 hockey season last week.  The new website,, is very user friendly has a much cleaner look than the WCHA website we're use to seeing.

On the main page, feature stories are very easy to locate and the drop-down navigation bar is simple and easy to navigate between what you may be searching for.  Also on the front page is the last tweet from all of the NCHC hockey team's twitter handles, making the whole process of keeping up with teams on a Friday or Saturday night much easier.

Sport NGIN and the NCHC have also incorporated the use of video right on the main page.  This allows for fans to see the action they may have missed from their team, or allows Bulldog fans to see more UMD hockey and heck, more college hockey from other teams as well.

Click the link in the first paragraph and explore the site.  I think you'll agree with me in that it is quite sleek.

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Along with the new website, the NCHC also has begin selling championship tickets to this year's conference tournament at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

For $60, fans can attend all four games in the upper bowl and $130 for lower bowl tickets, which isn't a terrible deal if one were to look at the quality of play that will be participating not only in the conference, but this tourney.
"The NCHC is committed to providing a championship experience for our student-athletes, coaches and passionate fans,” said NCHC Commissioner, Josh Fenton. “Fans investing in the championship weekend will be provided an unrivaled and unique experience while watching the best college hockey has to offer."
Although game times haven't been released, the puck will drop for the first semi-final game on Friday, March 21st followed by the championship on that Saturday.  As more information is released, I'll update, but until than, visit the NCHC's website for details.


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