Q & A With Incoming Bulldogs: Kyle Osterberg

As summer winds down and hockey season draws near, fans get more excited for the first puck of the season to drop.  This year, the Pups look to venture farther into post-season play and earn a spot in the NCAA tourney once again.

Building on last year's season to accomplish this year's goals will take a tremendous amount of hard work and a crop of very talented freshmen.  Bulldog Country got the opportunity to play a little "Q and A" with the incoming freshmen and will be sharing what the players had to say over the next few weeks.

The first Bulldog is a Minnesotan, a Lakeville native, who joins UMD after playing with the Omaha Lancers last season.

Kyle Osterberg started his amateur hockey career playing for Lakeville South High School, but after a phenomenal 57 point season, his talent took him to the next level.  Osterberg was allowed to compete on one of the most prestigious teams, the US National Team Develop Program, and pulling on the USA sweater on multiple occasions.

Bulldog fans, meet Kyle Osterberg...

Photo: MJoy Photography

Kyle, do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
I eat the same meal before every game. Buttered noodles and chicken. I try not to have any (superstitions), but I do the same thing at the same time every game.
Do you have a favorite movie?
Grumpy/ Grumpier old men
 Favorite kind of music or favorite artist?
Eric Church and Kenny Chesney
Favorite past time or hobby outside of hockey?
I love to fish
Favorite NHL team?
Philly (Philadelphia Flyers)
Do you have any idea on what you would like to major in? If so, what is it? If not, any interest?
Business or Marketing
 Are you excited to join the Bulldogs next year? why?
I can't wait to be part of the team. Great group of guys and an unbelievable coaching staff. We are going to have a young and talented team that can do extremely well.
What attracted you to UMD? What did you like about Amsoil, Duluth, coaching staff, ect…?
I love the city. (Duluth has) got a great new rink with a great fan base. Coaches are the best around. I've always wanted to play for UMD. 
As a Minnesota native, what it’s like playing for a college in Minnesota after getting a chance to travel all over the country with Team USA and Omaha?
Playing in Minnesota will be something special. Seeing how far I have come. Playing for USA is the best thing I have had the opportunity to do and will cherish that forever. Being able to put on the Bulldog sweater for the first time will give just as big of chills and excitement, though.
Tell me about your years with Team USA.  Experiences, difficulties, accomplishments, ect.
Being in Ann Arbor was great. It was my first time living away from home and I developed and matured a lot. I got to play with the best players my age and form brother-like relationships with every one of them. I played college teams, which was a blast. Playing overseas against other countries was the best- The different styles they play and visiting Countries. And I was fortunate enough to play in the U-18 World Championships where we won a gold medal. Truly something I am still trying to accept. Being 17 and winning gold for your country. I am blessed to have done that. 
Do you have any mentors or people you look up to? Maybe someone who has really helped your hockey career get to where it is today?
I've always looked up to Jordan Schroeder. I wanted to be just like him. I owe a lot of credit to my dad but also Jason Berg. Jason pushed me to excel. He made me fight to get where I am now. He would always purposely doubt me just to make me want it that much more. I told him I wanted to make the NTDP, he looked at me and said "the best players in the country go there, are you sure you should be there? A lot of dedication and sacrifice is needed. Can you handle that? Okay Good luck." After I told him I made the team he was happier than I was.
As a Dog, you’ll get to play against former teammates from different teams. Who are some of the former players you’re excited to play against and will it change the way you play the game?
I am looking forward to playing my best friend Colin Olsen who is at Ohio State. I won't be able to shoot high glove that game because he will know it will be coming haha. 
Any other information Bulldog fans should know about you?

Just really excited and can't wait to be a Bulldog.

Osterberg will sport the number 8 this year on his Bulldog sweater.  Looking forward to the weather getting colder and for that first puck to be dropped!


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