Karson Kuhlman Commits to UMD

Karson Kuhlman, a junior out of Cloquet/Esko/Carlton, has committed to skate for the University of Minnesota Duluth.  I’ve been able to watch him skate but never keyed in on his ability, so I guess this gives me a legit reason to go to Cloquet games this winter, right?

I like this move by Mr. Sandelin for a couple reasons.  It’s always nice keeping the Minnesota players in Minnesota, but it’s even better if the local kids play local.  It benefits the team as well as keeping the local hockey community smiling.

Karson finished his sophomore year with 27 goals and 28 assists for 55 total points.  It’ll be fun to watch a local kid develop and eventually skate as a dog.  Looking forward to seeing him in a Bulldog jersey in the future.