MNF Replacement Refs... OOPS!

Before I write anything, I would like you to watch this clip…

Now, if you didn’t watch the game, I’m going to back up a couple drives and explain.  Russell Wilson and the Seahawks failed to convert on 4th for a touchdown on their previous drive giving the Packers the ball on their own “something” yard line (very close to the end zone, you know what I mean).  Anyway, the Pack is unable to move anywhere and eventually have to punt the ball away to Seattle.  Seattle gets the ball back at around midfield and move forward a bit before the play you just watched.

The ruling on the field, and the official call was “touchdown”.  Now, I am a huge Vikings fan and therefore dislike the Packers but come on…  That was clearly an interception PLUS offensive pass interference!  Right?  No?  Watch it again than.

Now the Pack didn’t exactly play well enough to “earn” that win but the refs didn’t help the situation either.  Never should they have let themselves get into a situation where I play like that can determine the game to begin with.  But if there was fire surrounding the whole replacement referee issue already, this play just poured jet-fuel all over the topic.

What if the Packers fall short of making the playoffs by one game?

Say this had been a meaningful playoff game or even the Super Bowl?

Just a funny bit from KFAN :)

Something needs to, and probably will be done about the replacement refs now.  The real refs know they are now in the pilot seat for negotiations so I’m planning on them being back soon.