Q & A With Future Bulldogs: Jared Bethune

The Warroad superstar committed to the University of Minnesota Duluth along with his teammate Kobe Roth this past season. Bethune logged an outrageous 35 goals and 56 assists for 91 points in just 28 games this past season with the Warriors of Warroad. In case you were wondering, thats 3.25 points per game.  Not too shabby...

Bethune's larger frame allow him to display a more of a 'power forward' like style, giving him an edge against other players when it comes to a loose puck in the corners and driving to the pipes. Bethune was selected to play for the US Select 17 team last season, but citizen issues interfered.

The 6-foot winger joined the Lincoln Stars of the USHL after Warroad took an exit from Minnesota High School post-season action, and could end up playing for the Stars next season as well, which would be his senior year of high school.

Tell me about yourself... What do you do in your past time?

I'm Jared Bethune, 16, and in grade 11. I love hockey, but I love to spend my summer on the lake, golf course and playing other sports like basketball, and football with my friends for fun!

Tell me about where you're from and growing up?

I'm originally from Fort Frances, Ontario; born in Canada, grew up on the out door rinks in Fort, and played my minor hockey for them until I moved to Warroad in the summer after grade 7. It was the best move my family has ever made; I've developed unbelievably as a player and person here with the unlimited amount of ice time and great people that have helped me. Everyone is so happy for our teams success and also for Kobe and myself on continuing our career together someday at UMD.

Can you describe how much the sport of hockey means to Warroad?

Describing how much hockey means to Warroad is hard to put in words. The tradition and success that comes from Warroad is rare. So much support from the town. We get unlimited amount of ice time on the 2 ice surfaces, if the ice is not booked, no fee and a bucketful of pucks is there waiting for you. Most towns make you rent the ice at expensive costs. This town just loves it's hockey.

How did you come about choosing UMD? What drew you to the school, the town, and the team?

I've grown up being only a few hours from Duluth, spent many hockey weekends in Duluth and always loved the town. The Bulldogs have such a cool tradition and I've always been a fan of the style they play. When I found out that they were interested in me, and in my linemate, who is also my best friend, to play together for UMD - it was like a dream come true.

What is your plan for junior hockey?

My plans for juniors would be to play for Lincoln stars of the USHL after high school for a year or two. It all depends on how I handle the league and hope I can be a big impact for Lincoln. When I'm one of the top guys in that league I plan to leave and come to UMD.

Tell me about Kobe and your commitment to UMD with him?

Well it's a dream come true to be going to play college hockey with my best friend and linemate who I have had so much fun and success with. Kobe's talent is ridiculous, after 4 years playing with him I still am amazed at the things he can do. I've never seen anyone with that good of hand eye coordination. Some people have doubt whether he can handle the physical part of the game at the next level, and I know better than anyone he will be able to.