North Dakota Downs Duluth 4-2

The University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs were beat by North Dakota by a score of 4-2 on Friday night at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks, ND.

First off, if you'd like to read the less-biased/colorful recap, I'd recomend clicking on my SB Nation College Hockey article.  If not, keep reading.

The Ralph has got to be one of the most amazing places on earth for people who love hockey.  I've been to my fair share of rinks across the midwest, but nothing touches the atmosphere and history this place has.  I don't care how much you may dislike the North Dakota hockey team, the rink in itself is worth the drive.

Overall, the game was pretty much how I imagined it would be.  Very chippy, gritty, and dirty, lots of penalties, and the occasional punches thrown.  I mean it's North Dakota, the Bulldogs have played that way against this team since before I was born.

There were a few things that I liked about the Bulldogs on Friday night.  First off, they played a decent game of hockey.  If you take back the dumb penalties this team decided to take, we probably would have won that game.

Aaron Crandall played absolutely excellent.  Giving up three goals on 22 shots may not sound like the most impressive night out, but keep in mind only one of those goals was an even strength goal, in which he thought he was laying on the puck, but it was laying to the right of his head.

I liked how Andy Welinski played on Friday night as well.  There was a stretch of 8 minutes where he alone saved roughly five solid breakaway attempts, some of which he was cleaning up someone else's mess.

Kyle Osterberg is an igniter.  I think most anyone else would agree with me.  Heck, put him on a line with Charlie Conway and Fulton Reed and they'll score 9 times out of 8.  I would also argue that most of the other team sparks off of it as well, which is awesome to see.

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For a complete summary, view my post on SB Nation -> North Dakota 4 Minnesota Duluth 2 (which also shows pictures from last night's action)


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